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Upper Peninsula Silhouette Tee

Yooper Steez

Upper Peninsula Silhouette Tee


The Yooper Steez silhouette tee is the heart of Yooper Steez. They want to provide an iconic yet simple way for people to represent their love and appreciation for the Upper Peninsula. The best way to do that was to show the silhouette of the Upper Peninsula. People familiar with the U.P. recognize it immediately and those who don't often ask what the shape is all about. The Upper Peninsula is a unique geographic region that is defined mostly by the shores of Lake Superior and Lake Michigan. Few regions in the United States as as recognizable and distinguished as the Upper Peninsula. It's a shirt that people can wear across the world and when it's recognized by another Yooper it is sure to start a conversation, and bring a big smile.

These Yooper Steez shirts are made in the USA printed on American Apparel and are 100% cotton. Committed to making the finest quality Upper Peninsula t-shirts available.

Women's Cut; Fuchsia, Grey
Men's Cut; Black, Lt Blue

Producer: Yooper Steez

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