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Willpower: An Original Play about Marquette's Ossified Man

Tyler R. Tichelaar

Willpower: An Original Play about Marquette's Ossified Man


Some stories deserve to be told. Willpower is an original historical play based on the real life of Will Adams at the turn of the twentieth century....

As a young boy Will Adams' soft tissues were becoming harder, turning him into a living statue. Others faced with such a dark future might have felt sorry for themselves, turning inward. But not Will. Determined to enjoy every moment, he embarked on an energetic life of creativity using his legs, arms, eyesight, and wit for as long as he could. While confined to a bed, he ran a newspaper, drew cartoons, and wrote an operetta with his best friend Norma Ross.

Willpower first brought Will Adams' story to the stage, and this publication presents the full script as it was first produced at Kaufman Auditorium in Marquette, Michigan, by the Marquette Regional History Center, in September 2014. It includes images from the production, insight from the director, historical commentary from the playwright, and the music used in the production.


Artist: Tyler R. Tichelaar


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