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Spirit of the North

Tyler R. Tichelaar

Spirit of the North


I went upstairs, too tired to fear leaving my sister alone with a strange man. He could not possibly hurt her in his condition, and he was so handsome I felt almost certain he was kind. Perhaps when he became well, he could teach us how to live here—at least show me how to chop down a tree or shoot Uncle’s rifle. I told myself his presence was a good thing. Little could I foresee how much he would hurt us both.

In 1873, orphaned sisters Barbara and Adele Traugott travel to Upper Michigan to live with their uncle, only to find he is deceased. Penniless, they are forced to spend the long, fierce winter alone in their uncle’s remote wilderness cabin. Frightened yet determined, the sisters face blizzards and near starvation to survive. Amid their difficulties, they find love and heartache—and then, a ghostly encounter and the coming of spring lead them to discovering the true miracle of their being.


“I am now and forever a huge Tyler Tichelaar fan. He’s a man with a wonderful gift for
storytelling, and a knack for presenting historical facts in a way that can rival any great historical
fiction author.” – Bethany Andrews, Book.of.the.Moment

“Never predictable, sometimes heartbreaking, always hopeful, this author’s work is a pleasure to
read.” – Laura Fabiani, author of Daughter of Mine

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