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More Valley Cats: Fun, Games and New Friends

Gretchen Preston

More Valley Cats: Fun, Games and New Friends



The native birds, animals, local plants, and trees of Michigan's Upper Peninsula brighten the pages. A splash of local food will tempt your taste buds. But don't fret, adventure lovers! More adult cats, a batch of orphan kittens and new people friends will tickle your fancy!

Follow the Valley Cats adventures by using the map. There's more fun down by the Valley Road mailboxes when the cats learn about jokes. Boonie and River take a long hike. The pair travels up and over the ridge where they have never gone before. Find the tree house, the beehive and the Valley softball diamond. You won't believe what happens there! Keep score when the cats play a game of marble hockey. The fun continues inside the boat shop when the Valley Cats are home alone. And don't miss learning a trick to get a mouse out of the house! Fans of the Valley Cats will not be disappointed!

  Welcome back to the Valley, the home of the Valley Cats. All is well in the hills above the south shore of Lake Superior. Boonie and River are ready to share new tales of fun and adventure. The new stories begin on the first day of spring and end on a cold winter's night. Visit an island lake, a deer camp and journey through the summer night sky.


Artist: Gretchen Preston

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