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“Miners Beach Ledges”

Phyllis Northup

“Miners Beach Ledges”


I painted this right after the collapse of the east turret, wanting to capture and record what it looked like before. Although the view from above is just beautiful and more commonly depicted, I am really enchanted with the view from the water. This is one of my favorite spots in the park! I love kayaking around it, poking the nose of my boat into its several small caves and swimming around it. The shapes, colors and rock layers are remarkable. You can often watch an eagle who likes to perch in one of the pines above. This is truly a unique and iconic feature of Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore! Giclee print from an original watercolor. This area at the east end of Miners Beach is one of my favorite spots! The small stream spills into Lake Superior over a series of thin rock layers that make up the ledges, while the point in the distance invites exploration to see the cliffs beyond. Giclee print from an original watercolor.

12” x 16” Limited Edition, 9” x 12” Small


Artist: Phyllis Northup

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