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Miki's Race<br />(softcover)

Snowy Plains

Miki's Race


Miki's Race is a photo-illustrated, mostly-true three-chapter story of spirited young Alaskan husky Miki and surprises encountered when she begins participating in sled dog racing. She and her friend Wolfie have been training on Jim's sled dog team since fall, but no one anticipated what would happen just before and on race day. Read about the impact weather and trail conditions have on Miki, the other dogs on the team, and Jim, and about their experiences and adventures after Miki's first race. Miki's Race is the second in a trilogy of books featuring Miki the Alaskan husky, her sister Mini, and their dog and human friends. Messages within the story include caring about and helping one another, and the significance not only of the destination but the journey. Age Level: 6 and up.

8 ¼" x 8 ¼"

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