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Mackinac Island Lilac<br />Syringa Vulgaris Plant

Steven Blair

Mackinac Island Lilac
Syringa Vulgaris Plant


"This is a Genuine Mackinac Island Lilac"

Much time and research went into this plant. First a search for the perfect Mackinac tree, then the long genetic process... finally, the clone. Mackinaw Island (also known as "Lilac Isle") is home to the world famous Mackinaw Island Lilac Festival which draws thousands of visitors every June. Your lilac tree can be enjoyed for generations and makes a perfect gift for any milestone event. Lilacs are revered as the most beautifully scented of all blooming plants. Mackinac Island's lilac trees are known to be centuries old, extremely hearty and prolific bloomers.

Clusters of lavender flowers bloom in the spring. Lilacs thrive in full sun, but can be a planted in partially shaded areas. Planting in well drained soil is recommended. These are all matured plants from 3 to 8 years.

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Vendor: Steven Blair

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