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Jasper Earrings

Phyllis Northup

Jasper Earrings


The Red Jasper stones always catch my eye when I am walking along our Lake Superior beaches. Their deep red color really stands out among the more subtle variations of rock colors. Red jasper is the dominant stone in these earrings, with accents of moss agate, onyx, quartz, sterling daisy spacers, and finished with sterling ear wires. 

1” x  3/8”

The Kambara Jasper is a dramatic stone with a sage green background and fascinating swirls and orbits of black. Each stone is wonderfully unique! These earrings highlight the kambara jasper which is united with black onyx, pale green moss agate, sterling daisy accent and topped with a 3mm round deep green moss agate. 

1” x  ½”


Representing the many colors of our Lake Superior beach stones, these earrings on sterling ear wires feature the sandstone color Jasper with accents of creamy calcite, rich red jasper, black onyx and sterling daisy beads. Please allow for variation in the natural stones. 

1” x  ½”

Earrings are displayed on a hand painted card.


Artist: Phyllis Northup

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