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Ichibana Fern Vase

LaTulip Pottery & Tileworks

Ichibana Fern Vase


An Ikebana vase is a unique and beautiful way to display flowers from your garden or a few special blooms from the local florist. This vase is different than other vases because it consists of a shallow base that holds a small amount of water and displays most of the plant. A frog pin in the bottom of the vase holds the flower stems in place. It doesn't take many blossoms to fill up this vase and create a full and eye catching display. An Ikebana is the perfect way to tastefully dress up the dinning room table or as a thoughtful addition in a spare bedroom to make guests feel welcome.

Northwoods Fern Design is created by pressing Fern into soft clay, creating a texture-rich surface. This one of a kind vase is hand painted and fired at 2165 degrees for strength. Slight variations in size and pattern are due to the unique, handmade process.

2½ tall x 6½ diameter

Vendor: LaTulip Pottery & Tileworks

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