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Two Books! Hitchhiking After Dark & Lake Effect

Richard Hill

Two Books! Hitchhiking After Dark & Lake Effect


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Hitchhiking After Dark: A wry and irreverent collection of stories, "Hitchhiking After Dark" delivers a comical and sometimes ludicrous look at growing up and working in small towns, mostly in northern Michigan. The spoofs and stories include: pre-purchase of burial plots, aggressive neighbors, bootlegging, piracy aboard a Lake Superior freighter, and others. This collection is eccentric and often outrageous, but always entertaining.
Lake Effect: A deckhand's coming-of-age story of sailing the Great Lakes steamboats during the social and political turbulence of the early 1970s, "Lake Effect" is a vivid and memorable account, told in an entertaining narrative style, of life aboard the giant ore boats. In the early 1970s, Rich Hill sailed on four different US Steel freighters as a deckhand and deckwatch. Ten years later, he enrolled in the Great Lakes Maritime Academy as a deck cadet and sailed on the 1000-foot "Columbia Star." This humorous yet poignant memoir follows his voyage of self-discovery.
Author: Richard Hill

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