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Gale LaJoye's Snowflake

Gale LaJoye

Gale LaJoye's Snowflake


In this funny and poignant performance LaJoye lives up to his international reputation as a unique and inspiring entertainer. As Snowflake he spins a tale of a kind hearted soul who with little more than imagination and hope, breathes life into what others regard as useless, transforming the simplest of objects into comic treasures and inspired moments of magic. Without uttering a single word LaJoye speaks volumes about humanity, innocence and the need we have for compassion, understanding and joy. “Snowflake is loosely based on a character from my hometown of Marquette Michigan. Donald Stengline, known to most of us as Snowflake, died on January 22, 1991. This production is not the story of his life, but a tribute to his spirit.”


Performance Artist: Gale LaJoye

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