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Skinner Knife - Cocobolo Whitetail Handle

Rapid River Knifeworks

Skinner Knife - Cocobolo Whitetail Handle


The Rapid River Knifeworks Skinner has been called by many a "skinning machine". From African cape buffalo to whitetail deer, Russian boar, and beaver, the Skinner is yet to meet its match. On a recent trip to Africa the guide was given a Rapid River Knifeworks Skinner to use on every animal harvested.The knife performed exceptionally well, skinning, boning, and fleshing three large animals before being re-sharpen. The guide commented on it being "the best knife that he had ever used". Coming from an African safari guide with over 25 years of experience, they take that as an extreme compliment. Each blade is hand ground from A-2 and heat treated to 59-61 RC, giving it tremendous edge retention.

Blade: 3.5"
Handle: Variable (Avg 4.25")
Steel: A-2 Carbon
Thickness: .219"
Hardness: 58-60 RC

Producer: Rapid River Knifeworks

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