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Catch .22 Ammunition Storage Dispenser

Marble Arms

Catch .22 Ammunition Storage Dispenser


Discover a safer, more convenient way to carry .22 ammunition. Brand new to the market, the Catch .22 storage dispenser allows 50 rounds of .22LR cartridges to clip right to your belt or pocket for quick access.
The Catch .22 is an easy way to speed-load tubular magazine rifles.
Convenient and fun to use, the Catch .22 eliminates the need to juggle flimsy factory cardboard boxes. It prevents contamination from dust or debris that may stick to lubricated bullets and damage the bore of your firearm. The Catch .22 organizes bullets in ten staggered holes containing five bullets each. Detents on the sliding lid allow you to access only the bullets you need while remaining bullets are kept clean and secure. The Catch .22 offers a great alternative for gun owners and parents who are concerned with hunter safety.
About Vendor: Marble Arms

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