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Built To Fail

David S. Saint-Onge

Built To Fail


Built to Fail is an oxymoron for the many hurdles American business must overcome to simply stay viable in an ever-changing marketplace. The simple notion that competition, cashflow, marketing, and operational efficiency are the only hurdles facing small business owners each morning when they arrive to work is no longer valid. Fundamental shifts in how businesses are regulated, financed, taxed, and competed against now present a new normal. Built to Fail discusses a wide range of critical business issues that affect a small business owner’s ability to survive. We hope a simple dose of clarity can help get you and your business back on-track. After all, despite the incessant chatter about benefitting the social good, going green, and creating regulation that promotes wealth redistribution, profits are good and American business must be in the business of making money.

Vendor: David S. Saint-Onge

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