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About Us

MIUpperHand – what does that mean? If you’ve ever been to Michigan, you know that residents attempt to describe where they’re from by forming their hands into the shapes of Michigan’s Upper and Lower Peninsulas. The lower hand forms the shape of a mitten, and the upper hand forms the shape of a sideways mitten, with the thumb representing the Keweenaw Peninsula. The most fortunate of Michigan residents are able to call the upper hand their home. Since the focus of this site is Upper Peninsula people and goods, our name is MIUpperHand.

Michigan’s Upper Peninsula is referred to by natives (Yoopers) as da’ U.P. Of course we know visitors may expect to find kooky, backwoods items made by local yocals. That’s ok – we live up here because we love the wilderness and kooky people! At MIUpperHand you may be surprised to find a range of high quality wares made by intellectually sophisticated and highly skilled Upper Peninsula artists, artisans, musicians, writers, and inventors who are true to their crafts and beliefs. We are especially delighted to share the personal stories and unique approach behind every product so you can be a part of the U.P. ideals and creative experience too!